Requirement of Doctors for Civil Engineering Structures for pre treatment as prevention is better than cure.

Construction chemicals are like pills in the case of healthy civil engineering structure, as there is two way approach in case of health:-

  1. Prevention
  2. Cure

So, why we waste money and time in treatments and bear pains of illness if there is an available way of prevention of health hazards. Similarly, in case of civil engineering why we create an infrastructure which faces the problems of leakage, degradation, cracks, ruptures, rusting of reinforcements and so on.

It is always better to go for prevention; as we have faced a lot of problems in modern days’ civil engineering structure after the use of CEMENT as a prime building material, which replaced lime mortar and other old age concepts, but now we feel that cement alone has its basic natural problems though it is having better advantages over other materials which it replaced, that is why role of construction chemicals comes for cure of problems which we have faced in structures, besides, chemical industry has also evolved construction chemicals which prevent the problems which we are facing due to cement as it requires additives to improve its short falls, like, its basic nature of shrinkage, porosity in case of RCC and lot others.

Use of plasticizers, water proofing compounds, adhesives, joint filler, workmanship aids etc. will improve the quality, workmanship, durability and strength of construction. Those who started practicing of these chemicals are getting good results of improved life span, reduction in working problems, removal of defects, improvements in aesthetics, enhancement in strength, lowering the completion time of projects etc.

When we have already adopted this new construction system by replacing our old age system, then why to adopt anything half heartedly? Due to this we have faced a lot of consequences in terms of loss of monetary funds, natural resources, time & space. Can’t we think that it is the right time for adoption of specified construction chemicals along with construction materials, for which we have to take advantage of practical construction chemical experts, but the problem behind this is lack of literary support like specifications, code and subject material in curriculum. As we know that, without strong theoretical support no one can become perfect practical personality.

Other problem behind this is the lack of stringent quality control over manufacturing process. There are so many poor quality products available in the market which perform less and it creates disqualification about the products, so, the good products also suffer negativity and ultimately system as a whole gets suffered. The relationship of these construction chemicals to the civil structures is like that of a pharmaceutical industry to living beings. Duplicate medicines are a threat to the life, so is the case with construction chemicals. Absence of codes, non availability of consultants to specify construction chemicals, absence of Government approach and the nature of contractors in avoiding the use of new material or picking up only most economical available material is stopping the use of construction chemicals.

Ergo, It is the duty of qualified persons to come forward and educate the needy ones and to those who are in this system, for the sake of natures’ interest to prevent economic loss.





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